Why I love Nivea


Last week I repurchased an all-time favourite beauty product of mine. My seemingly endless supply of the Nivea Crème came to an unfortunate end, and required me to make an immediate pit stop to my local Superdrug store.

As I was scanning the isles I noticed a few new products (Well new to me) so I decided to snatch them up to give them a try.

My secrets to flawless skin


I’m currently in my mid-twenties, and like most women I’ve learnt a thing or to about looking after your skin over the years.

Growing up I had quite spot prone skin, and thus would spend endless nights in front of a mirror picking, when I should have been changing my diet and skin care routine.

For me in particular I have quite oily skin, but I also suffer with eczema a combination which come winter or summer is quite stressful to treat. Thanks to modern science though I’ve found many miracle workers that I love to use, and hopefully you will too!

Summer ready Smoothies


As we all know we’re finally reaching the end of Winter, and no doubt like a lot of you my mind instantly raced to the thought of Summer. It’s no longer acceptable to continue to live like Bridget Jones (eating the whole contents of one’s fridge) after-all there are certain social expectations we must live up to! And so, from this date on it is time to kick back the blankets, wash the mop that once was my hair and start that beach body diet pronto!

If you’re like me then you will love these quickly smoothie recipes that I love to binge on come summer time. They all contain naturally healthy ingredients, are great for your skin and help stop you reaching for that extra chocolate bar – come on who were you trying to kid?

Here’s to 2018!

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