Primark Facial Brush Yay or Nay..?


Encase you’ve been living under a rock this last year (or not in England) then you should be aware of Primark’s ever-expanding beauty line. Yes we’ve truly seen it all, the perfumes, lip kits and even eye shadow pallets, but this Autumn saw the release of a new beauty must have.

The new facial cleansing brush, is specifically designed with a 360° rotary brush head, to guarantee dirt removal, dry skin and makeup. For £15.00 the brush comes with its very own stand and detachable head (more sold separately for an additional £3.50.)


The brush itself is battery operated meaning no more pesky charging, or dead battery moments and with 3 speed settings, you’re guaranteed a radiant skin glow.

When using the brush I found it got deep into my pores, plus with the added facial cleanser – Neutrogena’s pink grapefruit wash- my skin felt cleansed and feeling fresh. After further investigation, and cleansing, I noticed no further makeup products came off. It had really cleansed my whole face.


If you have more sensitive, damaged or prone to irritation skin then I would recommend changing the head to a slightly more gentler touch.

I was impressed with Primarks facial Cleanser brush, and will be deffiniatly keeping it as a beauty staple in my home and on the go! For value you money I was surprised by how powerful the brush was, and knowing replacement brushes are only £3.50 I will be stocking up on a few more. If your looking for a cheaper cleansing brush on the market then look no further!

Have you used this brush, can you recommend a better facial cleansing brush? Why not let me know down below!



Beauty Empties #N°1


Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while but what’s a girl gotta do when she goes on holiday.

For this post I thought I’d do something a little different, as you can imagen I go through a lot of beauty products, samples ect and I wanted to write about some of my favourite empties I’ve used this month.

MUA Translucent Powder.. Yay OR Nay?


A couple of weeks ago whilst browsing down the isles of my local Superdrug store, I came across the MUA section. MUA are a brand who, if you didn’t know are renowned for producing some great products at an affordable price. Like…really affordable.

Birch Beauty Box – March Edition


Hey guys I’ve recently noticed it’s been a while since my last blog post, unfortunately my lifestyle these last few weeks has been pretty busy, but don’t worry I’ve managed to create some great content for you all because of it!

At the beginning of this month I decided to make a monumental adult decision (okay maybe not that big but still pretty important) to subscribe to my first beauty box. After much research I decided to invest in Birch Box, a company pro feminist and offers a variety of products for your body and face all for under £13.00 incl pp.

Why I love Nivea


Last week I repurchased an all-time favourite beauty product of mine. My seemingly endless supply of the Nivea Crème came to an unfortunate end, and required me to make an immediate pit stop to my local Superdrug store.

As I was scanning the isles I noticed a few new products (Well new to me) so I decided to snatch them up to give them a try.

My secrets to flawless skin


I’m currently in my mid-twenties, and like most women I’ve learnt a thing or to about looking after your skin over the years.

Growing up I had quite spot prone skin, and thus would spend endless nights in front of a mirror picking, when I should have been changing my diet and skin care routine.

For me in particular I have quite oily skin, but I also suffer with eczema a combination which come winter or summer is quite stressful to treat. Thanks to modern science though I’ve found many miracle workers that I love to use, and hopefully you will too!