Michael Kors: Obession


Every woman has that little obsession, a materialistic item that gives you only a few moments of happiness before being discarded for the next IT faze. For some it’s shoes, others handbags and the majority craze over the latest collection at Top Shop. In my case my obsession is with purses.

I’ve always dreamt of owning a statement purse, and whilst my current Ted Baker is an eye sore it has little to no comparison over a Michael Kors.

Their beautifully crafted white leather, silver hardware and matching MK accents has always been a lust I can’t ignore, so when I had the opportunity to buy a piece I literally jumped at the chance.

Their new collection of purses, are specifically made to hold not only your cards, money, I.D ect but also your mobile phones – a definite win in my books!

With this purse I can comfortably fit all those unused beauty cards, (sorry Superdrug I’m a terrible customer) my Samsung Galaxy S8, and my passport. What’s better still MK have designed the whole collection with materials resistant to anti-theft and credit card copying devices, to ensure your details are kept safe and fraud free.

I’ve always wanted find that classic statement piece. Michael Kors are an excellent company for ensuring great quality and timeless pieces. I payed £95 (yes! that’s a lot of money), however when I think about how much use I’ll achieve from it I defiantly believe its worth it, especially when I know my belongings will be kept safe at all times.

What do you guys think of my new statement piece, do you yourself own a Michael Kors? Let me know down below.


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