Rita Ora’s New Collaboration


I’ve been looking for the perfect shade of red rail varnish for a long time, and I mean LONG time. I’ll be honest I don’t usually wear a coloured nail varnish, but rather a clear gloss or something nude.

The new Collaberation between Rita Ora and Rimmel sports a various collection of bright bold shades. Including a gloss Mr. Gray, perhaps named after her iconic roll in the film I feel there’s a strong statement look, from wearing a bright red varnish. It’s not just a winter must have, but a boss girl look and a bright summer trend too.

I was particularly drawn to the Crimson Love varnish. A limited edition super gel gloss, that promises up to 14 days full coverage chip free. On first application it looks like a blood red, but it does dry down to a more berry undertone.

This nail varnish is a perfect shade for those who lack the confidence to wear a full on cougar gloss, but want something with a little bit of a bang. Rimmel are an amazing company for, ensuring the best nail care in there varnishes and giving you the perfect coverage in one a one coat gloss.

Overall I really love this colour, it has so much wearability for the summer and winter months. I can’t wait to start wearing it! Have you brought a Rimmel nail varnish recently, or have you tried this one? Let me know down below.



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