5 Ways To Staying Calm


Let’s face it we’re all guilty of it, and although we try to supress it as much as we can we don’t always succeed. If you’re like me then you’ll understand that anger can often get the better of you, especially when your not prepared. So here’s a list of my top tips to staying calm under pressure.

1. Talk about it

After a long and stressful day, I find there’s nothing better than getting into bed with your lover and talking about your day. Seriously I have often moaned my fiancés ears off to death after a bad day, and where he’s concerned no detail is too small, especially if it means he can go to sleep sooner. I love to have a good moan, and I’m so lucky to be surround by people who let me rant otherwise I generally think I may combust.


2. We are what we eat

Cups of tea for English people is literally like an addiction. Social ice breakers, comforters and general thirst, there’s always an occasion to drink tea where we’re concerned. Likewise with chocolate, already had one bar then don’t be afraid to grab that second one you’ve got secretly stashed at the back of your kitchen cupboard.

3. Pamper Session

I often find the best way to destress myself is by having a much needed pamper session. Soaking in a hot bubble bath, glass of wine, candles lit what could be more perfect than that? Likewise invite your girlfriends over for a pamper night, watch those old Sex and the City reruns, paint your toes and drink your cheap bottle of Zinfandel, because what can be nicer than girls night.


4. Yoga

Yoga is a really good way to help you destress. The techniques used are proven to really help your chronic back pain and headaches, not to mention the fitness and health benefits it also provides is also limitless. Round about now your probably wondering, well why not just promote exercise in general, (promotes exercise here) but the truth is I’m very lazy. I prefer a more therapeutic method to exercising hence yoga. After a particularly challenging day, I enjoying using an ocean sound machine whilst practising my downwards doggy dog, if the weathers good then sometimes I’ll go outside in my back garden too.

5. Move On

My last piece of advice to staying calm is really obvious, but I feel at times in the heat of the moment we can forget. Next time your on the very edge of loosing your rag, and running the risk of going female hulk mode, just ask yourself WHO CARES?  Remember this is all completely in the heat of the moment, and realistically your not going to care about it in an hour’s time, tomorrow or even next week.  Drop a pencil on the floor, spill coffee down yourself? Pick the pencil back up, grab a napkin and soldier on. Stop letting the little things affect you, because in reality they wont matter later on.

Here you have it guys, my Top 5 tips to staying calm. It’s natural to have a stressful day, but don’t be ashamed because nobody’s perfect. Have you got a particular way of staying calm under pressure, or do you do something else to defuse stress? Why not let me know down below.



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