Pandora’s New Shine


Life is to short to wear boring jewellery

Hello everyone, for those of you who didn’t know this March saw the release of Pandora’s new collection – Shine.

Pandora Shine is the first new collection since their release of the Pandora Rose line back in 2014, featuring a whole new perception to jewellery. The new Shine collection is moulded on 18kt gold plated sterling silver, a different type of gold seen to that of their 14kt solid gold line.

Although the initial launch was made in Spring, the whole concept of the line is very much a Summer statement with honeycomb, bumble bees and sun pendants, bringing yellow gold back with a bang. Some of the pieces can be a little pricey (especially considering there not solid gold) but you do get a free gold clutch bag on your first purchase over £125!


Thanks to the creative directors Francesco and Filippo the new collection of rings, charms, bracelets and even hexagonal necklaces offer a great alternative approach to modernism, whilst still keeping the renowned Pandora quality. Here are a few of my favourite my pieces that I have seen so far!


Crown ring

I really love these rings and think they would be a great addition to your jewellery collection, wearing them either as a stack on one finger or separately on their own. I especially love the hexagonal details with the tiny bumble bee. The crown ring retails for £90 and the stones are all sadly fake, that said the craftsmanship looks unbelievable and it is still really unique.


Words cannot describe how I feel about this necklace, yes it’s pricey retailing for around £150 this is definitely an investment piece, however I also feel this would be a truly timeless piece for your wardrobe. This new Shine necklace is truly unique in its style and different to other necklaces Pandora have done in the past. I love how small the stones are, as I often find bigger gems can bring down the quality of the product. The contrast between the clear gems and the yellow gold, gives of this beautiful two-toned gold effect making it truly unique.

Have you recently brought a piece from the new Pandora Shine line? If you also have your eye on something sepcial, then why not let me know!



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