MUA Translucent Powder.. Yay OR Nay?


A couple of weeks ago whilst browsing down the isles of my local Superdrug store, I came across the MUA section. MUA are a brand who, if you didn’t know are renowned for producing some great products at an affordable price. Like…really affordable.

Around 20minutes later and one very bored boyfriend I noticed MUA had released a new setting powder. I’ve never been a fan of setting powders, and in the past I’ve always used a powdered foundation to get that matt finish, but for the price of £4.00 I couldn’t exactly resist.

It’s round about now that I should warn you their new setting powders are all translucent, however they still come in SIX incredibly different shades. Banana Bake, Neutralising Apricot, Illuminating Lilac, Balancing Green, Mattifying Translucent and Invisible Silk. At first I was instantly drawn to the Lilac tone (purples my favourite colour) but knowing how Chicken I can be with new products espically bold colours, I decided to go for the Invisible Silk, a product without the translucency but still made with the same formula.

The packaging is great and I love how much product you receive for the price. When using the powder, the only major issue I had using the product was trying to open the pot without getting it all over my clothes (another reason I avoid setting powders.) It does have one of those clear separators that filters the product, but this can be very generous if you shake it too hard.


Upon application the powder reminds me a lot like the NYX translucent powder and the loose setting powder by Laura Mercier, just without the hefty price tag. That said, because of the high pigmentation of the product it does blend really well and doesn’t give a paleness to your complexion. My Skin felt amazingly soft when blended in, and actually gave me a better finish than my favourite MAX Factor powdered foundation does!


After using the MUA sheer setting powder, this is definitely going to become one of my staple must have’s epically considering the £4.00 price tag (total bargain.) I was totally impressed by the quality of this product and the effect it had on the top of my makeup. After using the sheer setting powder in white I’m defiantly interested in the Lilac tone, and what effect that would give off.

Have you used any of these products, and did you love them too? Can you recommend something else that you love to use, then leave a comment down below!



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