Birch Beauty Box – March Edition


Hey guys I’ve recently noticed it’s been a while since my last blog post, unfortunately my lifestyle these last few weeks has been pretty busy, but don’t worry I’ve managed to create some great content for you all because of it!

At the beginning of this month I decided to make a monumental adult decision (okay maybe not that big but still pretty important) to subscribe to my first beauty box. After much research I decided to invest in Birch Box, a company pro feminist and offers a variety of products for your body and face all for under £13.00 incl pp.

After filling out a simple Q&A about my skin type, hair type and preferences I placed my order, to my utter surprise my Birch Box arrived within 3 working days! The quality of the packaging was outstanding, I loved the mandala design and the products were great!

20180313_140939 (2)

The first product I got was The Model Co. black crayon eyeliner. This product was actually free upon using the redemption code (use DEFINE) at the checkout, but after some clever snooping it actually retails for around just under £10.00. Anyone who knows me, knows I love to wear eyeliner it’s my number one statement beauty must have especially if it means I can create that smoky eye look. I’m super excited to try this and can’t wait to compare it to the rest of my eyeliner products.

My second product was The Ritual of Sakura foaming shower gel – retails around £4.50

I’ve never heard of this brand before but the whole point of Birch Box is to discover new brands and products, so I’m willing to give it a try. This product is fragranced with a cherry blossom or floral sent that isn’t too over powering but gives off a refreshing clean scent. I sampled a little and the consistency reminds me a lot like the Nivea foam wash. I love the Nivea foam wash especially when I’m going away to festivals, so I can’t wait to possibly add another to my collection.

The spectrum Angled Blender Brush – £5.99

A girl can never have too many makeup brushes! I love to use an angled brush, as I find they help to get right into the creases as opposed to a regular makeup brush. There easy to help blend and can genuinely hold more product due to the angle of the stems. The quality of this product is amazing and I’m defiantly interested in the rest of the range, especially as their animal testing free.

Pro Blo MaskMe Hydrating Hair Mask – £8.00 for a pack of 4 OR £2.00 each

I like a hair mask but I only really use them when my hair is in desperate need of attention. In the past I’ve only ever used the Aussie hair masks, as I find they work best for my hair type. The smell of the Aussie hair care range is (no joke) to die for, and I’m 100% addicted to their signature bubble gum scent. Topping the Aussie hair masks is going to be tough cookie to beat!

BLAQ Hydrogel Eye Mask – £22.00 for a set of 5

I have seen so many bloggers rave about these particular masks, that I think it’s starting to become a conspiracy theory. I can do a lot of travelling at times, so it’s nice to use a mask to help with the fatigue and the affect it has on my skin. That said I have never used one with charcoal properties before, and on my next pamper session (aka hangover day) I will definitely be jumping on the band wagon and giving these a try!

And the final product of my Birch Box.. BADGAL Bang Volumizing Mascara

I’ve been dying to try this product for a while now but couldn’t get my hands on it. As you may well know everyone in the beauty industry is talking about the new release of this mascara. As soon as I saw this product I instantly had to try it out. I was amazed by the flexibility of the brush, and how easy it is to apply. The only issue I had was the rub off underneath the eye’s, given yes I didn’t use a setting spray, but I wasn’t prepared for this kind of reaction. I know a few bloggers, when reviewing the mascara have suggested don’t apply it to your under-eye lashes for this very reason so I feel this needs more investigating to give a proper verdict.

Here’s my review on my first ever Birch beauty box, if you’re a subscriber as well then I hope your pleased with your treats as much as I am. The box varies depending on your skin/body needs so if you’ve received something slightly different to me then let me know down below. I personally can’t wait till my next month’s subscription!

If your interested in starting a subscription click here for more details.



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