My Top 5 Tips to Decluttering


It’s nearing up to Spring, and for some of us it’s the season of dread. It’s not the season of blooming flowers, or baby lambs, instead for women it’s the season of the deep spring clean. That’s right, every year women go through the tedious task of decluttering the entire contents of their wardrobe in order to make way for the new summer trends.

So here are my top 5 spring cleaning tips to make sure your wardrobe is organised and prepared for the new year.

Start with a clean slate

Empty all your belongings and dump them somewhere open (e.g. your bed will do.) this way you can properly visualize what you have as a whole amount, and thus be more like to recycle your old belongings to charities or friends.

Stick to the basics

When I start a declutter I always look to keep the basics first. The plain white T’s, simple pair of well fitted jeans, a comfortable pair of everyday shoes and a protective coat. Only after I’ve established all of these things do I allow myself to add more into the mix, by adding “non-luxury items.” Got a super cute pair of heels that you love, but can’t wear because they pinch your feet too much? Then sorry ladies…BIN

Don’t think of the memories

When you’ve decided you’re going to keep that pair of jeans, that you know you wont fit into without some serious dieting, ask yourself am I being realistic? Will I ever fit into them again or is it time to move on. Don’t keep an item if it doesn’t fit you any longer, based on the memories you have with it otherwise you’ll never end up cleaning out anything.

The rule of 4

Have I worn this within the last four months, and do I plan on it wearing again within the next four. If your answers no and you “plan to wear it again” then gift it to charity, don’t be a hoarder no one likes them.

Organise into a style that suits you

I personally have a lot of different pairs of jeans, so I dedicate a larger space for them than e.g. my dresses or skirts. Because I am slightly OCD and anal about precision I organise them into most worn, colour and then style. I also realised instead of making piles roll them. This allows you to store more and have a visual representation of what you have, helping to make decisions quicker when you need to get ready.

There you have it, my top 5 decluttering tips, to achieving your new year summer ready wardrobe. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when rifling through the contents of your wardrobe, and reminiscing over fond memories but stay focused on the end result. Even if you don’t end up clearing anything out, then look on the bright side at least you have one clean tidy wardrobe to go back too.

Have you got a different way you’d love to share, then leave a comment down below!



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