Why I love Nivea


Last week I repurchased an all-time favourite beauty product of mine. My seemingly endless supply of the Nivea Crème came to an unfortunate end, and required me to make an immediate pit stop to my local Superdrug store.

As I was scanning the isles I noticed a few new products (Well new to me) so I decided to snatch them up to give them a try.

Nivea Sensitive Micellar Water – £1.95 SuperdrugSnapchat-1257396265

Words can’t explain how much I love using this makeup remover. My favourite time of the day, is getting home from work and being able to take my makeup off. Using cotton pads it softy removes a multitude of sins, without pulling out your eye lashes. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and dewy, but not overly greasy. Did I mention is specifically made for sensitive skin, helping to reduce skin redness and dryness.

Nivea Peary Shine – £2.15 Boots


Never before have I used a Nivea balm. Literally never. Having found this inside the gift box I was a little surprised, its not the clear balm I expected but more of a coral pink. Its highly pigmented and smells truly amazing. When putting on the gloss I was taken aback by how moisturised my lips felt, however I felt this faded really quickly. To get that long lasting moisture you have to really layer on the gloss. This resulted in the coral pink rubbing onto and my teeth, and the colour developing into a more prominent pink. If this was a clear shine gloss, personally I may have liked it more, that said this product (in my opinion) didn’t do the company justice.

Nivea Rose and Argan Oil


The Rose and Argan Oil was a new release from Nivea late last year that I never got around to trying, so when I saw it in the box set I knew I had to buy it. On first impressions I love the Rose scent, but it slightly reminds me of baby wash. When using it, it wasn’t as thick as I expected it to be, and upon comparison its not as thick as the traditional Nivea Crème. You only need a small amount, as it spreads like butter. Not actual butter guys – and just to clarify I’ve never done this. In all honesty I was expecting this product to be stickier than it was, but it blended well and didn’t leave a greasy after touch like other Nivea products can do. Overall, I really liked this product and I will defiantly be buying this again.

 Nivea Luxurious Shower Silk Mousse – £2.99 Boots


Let me just start by saying I can’t believe they’ve finally done a mousse shower wash. This was another product I’ve never used before and glad I spotted it! I do really like how foamy this product is, but unusually it doesn’t lather into a wash cloth very well, unless you use A LOT but then your shower becomes a slip and slide. I can’t pinpoint the fragrance they’ve used but its Rose and something. This mousse would be great to use as a camping wash essential, however I’m not sure if I feel clean when washing with it normally. That said no amount of moisturizers even compare to how soft and hydrated my skin feels after using it. As of yet I’m not 100% sure on how I feel about this product, I just know I need to give it more use to establish a proper verdict.

How do you feel about these products? Let me know your Nivea favourites down below.



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