My secrets to flawless skin


I’m currently in my mid-twenties, and like most women I’ve learnt a thing or to about looking after your skin over the years.

Growing up I had quite spot prone skin, and thus would spend endless nights in front of a mirror picking, when I should have been changing my diet and skin care routine.

For me in particular I have quite oily skin, but I also suffer with eczema a combination which come winter or summer is quite stressful to treat. Thanks to modern science though I’ve found many miracle workers that I love to use, and hopefully you will too!

Firstly, the Clinque Liquid Facial Soap., this really would be one of my 3 choices! I am truly in love with the whole Clinique range, not only are they responsible for some amazing products, but the whole range is hypoallergenic! A luxury if you have sensitive skin like mine.

This product lathers great on your face/wash cloth, and is also available in a bar form which has a lovely light mint scent. Starting retail price is around £16, but your guaranteed to see results and feel amazing!

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit

If your looking for a daily face wash that really helps maintain and cleanse your face then this is for you. I was originally introduced to this by a friend who said it worked wonders for her (debatable as she always had an amazing complexion) but I’ve now been using this for the last few years and can’t live without it.

This product is lightly scented but not over powering, and is particularly good at keeping the blackheads at bay. I prefer to just lather this on with water as opposed to a wash cloth, as I find it absorbs into the skin better and leaves a longer glowing effect.

Burt’s Bee’s Lip Balm

This is an old faithful that does exactly what it says on the tin – pun intended! This lip balm is perfect for the winter or colder days when your lips are that little bit more dehydrated. The coconut helps lock in the body’s natural oils, whilst the mint supplies a refreshing kick. Best of all its affordable at only around £4.00 per tin.

Top Tip: try adding a little sugar to the mix to make a delicious scrub, perfect for getting rid of dead skin!

The Body Shop -Almond Milk and Honey Bar

Walking into The Body Shop, is like a soap equivalent of walking into Tiffany’s, you see it you want it. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of money invested into finding the very best pieces that work for my skin type.

Whilst I love the strawberry soap and scrub range I also love this almond and honey one too! The amazing duo softens and moisturises my skin without making it overly greasy, nor does the honey irritate my skin either, but best of all it’s only £4.00. Bargain!

And there you have it, my quick fix beauty tips for perfect looking skin. These products have done wonders for me over the years, and are an essential piece to my everyday routine. Have you got a product you love to use? Let me know down below!



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