Summer ready Smoothies


As we all know we’re finally reaching the end of Winter, and no doubt like a lot of you my mind instantly raced to the thought of Summer. It’s no longer acceptable to continue to live like Bridget Jones (eating the whole contents of one’s fridge) after-all there are certain social expectations we must live up to! And so, from this date on it is time to kick back the blankets, wash the mop that once was my hair and start that beach body diet pronto!

If you’re like me then you will love these quickly smoothie recipes that I love to binge on come summer time. They all contain naturally healthy ingredients, are great for your skin and help stop you reaching for that extra chocolate bar – come on who were you trying to kid?


The Berry Bad Boy

This is probably one of my favourite all time smoothies, it’s tasty, smells amazing and sweet enough without being too sickly. Did I forget to mention, it’s also packed full of antioxidants which help protect your skin and body against bad mojo.


1 hand full of strawberries

1 hand full of blackcurrants

1 hand full of blackberries

1 hand full of raspberries

100 Mils of milk

100 Mils of Greek yogurt.


Personally, I like to use non-sweetened Greek yogurt as I find its naturally sweet from the berry goodness. If you have any allergies you can always substitute including switching to soya milk. If you prefer to have your strawberries stemless you can always pick them off, afterwards just put it all into a blender and blend until you get your preferred consistency.

The Mango Madness

This is also another one of my favourites smoothies, and its perfect for those particularly more humid days! This smoothie doesn’t require milk, instead use crushed ice or whole ice cubes to make it that little bit more chilled.

1 Kiwi

1 whole mango

½ a Pineapple


Slice the mango in half and scoop out the stone, then peel and slice i

nto chunks. This will avoid you getting messy and loosing your mango goodness. For this recipe you can use a fresh pineapple or use fresh tinned chunks, personally I prefer using half a fresh one as I like to eat the excess later on as snack. You could always place pineapple chunks on the edge of the glass to spice things up to.

The Boogie One

Okay so my next one isn’t necessarily for the fainted hearted and can be quite hard to stomach for some, that said this is really filled with your essential greens and can be great if you’re looking to detox.


100 Mils of Milk

1 small cucumber

1 kiwi

1 cup of kale

2 cups of spinach

1 lime



Finely chop the spinach and kale, ensuring this is washed beforehand. Juice the lime, if you haven’t got a juicer simply cut in half and squeeze into blender. Then lastly slice the cucumber here you can use as much as you like, add your milk of choice and blend.

Here you have it my top 3 summer ready smoothies, perfect for those warm humid days. Remember you can substitute ingredients especially if you have an allergy. If you’re looking to spruce it up even more why not add some mixed seeds or chia seeds or perhaps some peanut butter. Has anyone else got any recipes they would like to share?



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