Primark Facial Brush Yay or Nay..?


Encase you’ve been living under a rock this last year (or not in England) then you should be aware of Primark’s ever-expanding beauty line. Yes we’ve truly seen it all, the perfumes, lip kits and even eye shadow pallets, but this Autumn saw the release of a new beauty must have.

The new facial cleansing brush, is specifically designed with a 360° rotary brush head, to guarantee dirt removal, dry skin and makeup. For £15.00 the brush comes with its very own stand and detachable head (more sold separately for an additional £3.50.)


The brush itself is battery operated meaning no more pesky charging, or dead battery moments and with 3 speed settings, you’re guaranteed a radiant skin glow.

When using the brush I found it got deep into my pores, plus with the added facial cleanser – Neutrogena’s pink grapefruit wash- my skin felt cleansed and feeling fresh. After further investigation, and cleansing, I noticed no further makeup products came off. It had really cleansed my whole face.


If you have more sensitive, damaged or prone to irritation skin then I would recommend changing the head to a slightly more gentler touch.

I was impressed with Primarks facial Cleanser brush, and will be deffiniatly keeping it as a beauty staple in my home and on the go! For value you money I was surprised by how powerful the brush was, and knowing replacement brushes are only £3.50 I will be stocking up on a few more. If your looking for a cheaper cleansing brush on the market then look no further!

Have you used this brush, can you recommend a better facial cleansing brush? Why not let me know down below!



Beauty Empties #N°1


Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while but what’s a girl gotta do when she goes on holiday.

For this post I thought I’d do something a little different, as you can imagen I go through a lot of beauty products, samples ect and I wanted to write about some of my favourite empties I’ve used this month.

MUA Translucent Powder.. Yay OR Nay?


A couple of weeks ago whilst browsing down the isles of my local Superdrug store, I came across the MUA section. MUA are a brand who, if you didn’t know are renowned for producing some great products at an affordable price. Like…really affordable.